Our Organisation


The organization chart above (below) is made up of a team that strives for the continuous improvement of the company. In the first place we have the CEO who is the conductor of the company and participates directly in the operational management of the latter. Indeed, the CEO is directly involved in the internal audit department which ensures the quality control of products from supply to distribution.

Secondly, we find the CEO and his deputy who are responsible for the proper functioning of the group through the management of the agenda, the organization of the appointments of the CEO, the processing of certain files in delegation with this one as well as the evaluation of the performance of the group in general.

Finally, we have the various departments that lead the various sectors of the group and these directions are on the same footing in terms of hierarchy, for example we have the logistics department which notably manages the supply chain and it is at the heart of the distribution and production network. Then we have the commercial director who ensures, as for him, the supervision of all the commercial activities of the company, then we have the administrative and financial director (DAF) who is responsible for the good administrative and financial management of the company and finally we have the supply department which plays a strategic role in the company because it guarantees stocks and monitors flows.

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